Welcome vampires, mortals, and other creatures of the night to what we who have haunted these halls for well over a century like to fondly call TDV.

1 The Theatre was created for your entertainment and pleasure. Here there are no rules, no restrictions, and you are invited to come consort with others of your kind. This is a FFRP group with chat rooms, message boards, and coming soon second life role play as well. The players decide what does and doesn't happen here.

Careful where you step, some of the most dangerous and most notorious vampires happen to haunt these halls. Vampires of age, distinction, and great power that don't always play well with others. Don't explore the dark gardens, cemetary, or underground crypt if your a newly transitioned vampire looking to get your feet wet. You might just find yourself becoming a part of the theatre like so many other younglings that have dared trample where it is they don't belong.

The bar in the main room is well stocked, help yourself to a beverage, and take a chair. The seats in the theatre have been removed but the large stage with it's curtain of crimson velvet is still in place. The upper balcony has been changed from a seating area to private rooms, it is highly suggested that you don't invade these private spaces with out first obtaining permission. Lastly the opera boxes are still over looking the stage and the main floor, they are left dark on purpose, for those that choose to watch instead of being watched they are the perfect hidden space.















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